Bob Stoneburner
Product Design Manager at Boeing
2017 - 2019 | Bob managed Scott directly

I've been fortunate enough to work with Scott at two different companies. Scott is an expert in the field of User Experience, he is easy to work with, practical in his approach to UX/UI design, and a very creative problem solver. If you need a Designer with excellent technical skills, a strategic thinker, and someone who works hard to get to the right solution, Scott would be a valuable member of your team.
Philip Chung
Sr Front End Engineer at Amazon
1999 - 2005 | Scott worked with Philip in the same group

Scott has a deep knowledge of the theory behind visual and information design and has the ability to implement those designs using a wide array of tools. He is always studying and learning and is a true master of his craft. In addition, he truly cares about his colleagues and strives to help those around him achieve their own successes. It was a great experience to be mentored by Scott and then to work alongside him as a colleague.
Edward Beebe-Tron
Sr. UX Researcher at
2019 - 2020 | Scott worked with Elle in the same group

If there was a Designer Hall of Fame, Scott should have a giant monument in there. Scott is a master of design. He is an expert teacher, leader, and advocate in UI design. His passion runs deep for understanding design tools. He is curious at heart and is always looking to find ways to improve product designs or processes. It has been a pleasure to learn and work alongside Scott. I strongly recommend any design team to pursue Scott.
Garth Kennedy
IT Consultant
2010 - 2017 | Garth worked with Scott but at different companies

It was always a pleasure working with Scott. I know that phrase has been worn to death to the point of it being almost meaningless, but I mean it: his unfailing optimism, his measured but creative approach, the way he takes such personal interest in solving whatever problem is thrown at him -- all of that made interacting with Scott a pleasure. Any company would be lucky to have him.
Eric Schaffer
Sr. Product Manager, Tech at Amazon
2019 - 2020 | Eric was senior to Scott but didn’t manage directly

I had the pleasure of being involved in Scott's hiring process at K2 and was blown away by his passion for design and customer experience. As the manager of Product Management which included the design organization I worked very closely with Scott on several important projects and was delighted by his creativity, empathy, teamwork, and raw skill. Scott's unique talent is that he can deliver superior design products as well as teach, mentor, and elevate the skills of the team around him. I always learned something new when I talked with him. Scott would be an asset to any team and has my fullest recommendation.
Codi Kaji
Product Manager at Nintex
2020, Scott worked with Codi in the same group

Whenever I think of Scott, I can't help but smile. He is a kind soul who can both create beautiful designs that function well, and teach those of us without a design background how to use Adobe software to get our vision across. I had the pleasure of working with Scott on a few projects and he delivered exactly what I needed on time, and honestly with more options than I thought I even needed. Scott was quick to turn around designs and changes on some super tight timelines and with a smile. Some people make you grin when you see items assigned to them because it means you GET to work with them. Scott is one of those people, and I would jump at the chance to work with him again.
Kingston Fung
Staff Engineer @ Jobber, JS Enthusiast, Teacher, and Dev
2001 - 2002 | Scott was a senior to Kingston but didn’t manage directly

I had the honor to be one of Scott’s students 20 years ago. Many of his great lessons still hold true, and I often reflect those values when I mentor others as well. I greatly enjoyed the way Scott explained design philosophies and the stunning visuals coming from Scott during our project collaborations as well. He also taught me how to be a great teacher which is simply to be humble and brave in front of a classroom. All in all, I truly believe any organization will benefit greatly to have Scott on their team. More importantly, product users will receive many benefits from the touches of such a creative and emphatic thinker.
Brandon Roth
Senior Product Manager at Builder Homesite Inc.
2018 - 2019 | Scott worked with Brandon in the same group

Scott is a thoughtful, talented, and empathetic designer with an eye for detail and never afraid to try something new and fresh. His kindness and optimism made it a joy to work with him and collaborate on projects together. He noticeably invests himself in his work and in the people around him. He would enthusiastically share new things he was trying out and working on; his excitement for innovative solutions is contagious. 
Igor Jericevich
Business Solutions with a passion for Microcontrollers and Electronics
2019 - 2020 | Scott worked with Igor in the same group

Scott is an artist in his ability to translate an idea into something digital that delights the user. Many a time I have been amazed at the narrative Scott produced in a 32x32 image that needed no explanation. Scott is a passionate individual that I would highly recommend. 
Nazreen Hassan
UI/UX Designer at Nintex
2019 - 2020 | Scott worked with Nazreen in the same group

Scott is an incredibly talented designer who not only brings with him a wealth of experience, but he always has a kind word at the ready. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge and is always the first one to offer assistance. Scott's ability to translate an idea into a graphic is on another level altogether and it has been an absolute joy working with him. 
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